Top 10 Interview Mistakes

As most of you know, I work in the staffing industry. Part of my job is to interview applicants for our open jobs. Perhaps, it's just the industry that I work in, or the area in which I live, but I have encountered some of the dumbest people trying to apply for a job.

They ask inappropriate questions, dress like they are going to a Monster Truck rally, and lack any sense of self-awareness. At times, it seems easier to dismantle a nuclear weapon than to get some applicants to answer a question with more than one-word answers. But, what's even worse than the ones who refuse to speak are the one's who say way too much.

They will not hesitate to tell me in graphic detail about their druken escapades with their ex-wives or about their pending Stalking charges. In case you haven't figured it out yet, the world is full of morons.

Today, I received an email from CareerBuilder. It was their monthly newsletter. In this issue, they had an article titled "Interview Blunders." It was a survey they conducted about mistakes applicants have made during an interview. They came up with a list of the top ten worst mistakes made by job applicants. According to CareerBuilder, all of these are true stories.

Take a look and marvel at the stupidity:
1. Candidate answered cell phone and asked the interviewer to leave her own office because it was a "private" conversation.

2. Candidate told the interviewer he wouldn’t be able to stay with the job long because he thought he might get an inheritance if his uncle died - and his uncle wasn’t "looking too good."

3. Candidate asked the interviewer for a ride home after the interview.

4. Candidate smelled his armpits on the way to the interview room.

5. Candidate said she could not provide a writing sample because all of her writing had been for the CIA and it was "classified."

6. Candidate told the interviewer he was fired for beating up his last boss.

7. When applicant was offered food before the interview, he declined saying he didn’t want to line his stomach with grease before going out drinking.

8. A candidate for an accounting position said she was a "people person" not a "numbers person."

9. Candidate flushed the toilet while talking to interviewer during phone interview.

10. Candidate took out a hair brush and brushed her hair.


  • Ha! I was wondering how long it would take for the hiatus to subside.

    I would hire candidate #9 simply for his ability to multi-task.

    By Anonymous Brad, At March 26, 2008 7:20 AM  

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