Back from my hiatus...sort of.

Since I have become increasingly nauseated by the state of politics and political discourse, I have resolved to avoiding newscasts all together and even discussing politics or social issues of any kind. I simply can’t take it anymore.

Many of my friends have wondered how long this hiatus will last. Some have speculated that I will give in any day. A few of them, in particular, have tried to hurry my “inevitable” surrender by trying to goad me into a heated political debate. But, it’s not going to work, Andrew.

Nevertheless, I am left with a decision. If I have determined myself that politics will no longer be a topic on this blog, then what will? I haven’t posted anything for months. It’s not as though readers have been pounding on my door, crying out for answers as to why I have forsaken them (though I suspect that type of reaction is due any day now). But, I really should post something here. Outside of politics, I feel as though I still have plenty of things to talk about.

So, that is exactly what I am going to do. I am going to start posting again on topics ranging from cool gadgets to movie news, and from television to technology (or, “Technology Magic” as the Adams prefer to call it). I may even throw in a few more of those “Pet Peeves” lists. Trust me…I have plenty more.

As always, I’ll try to keep it interesting, so check back often. And, if there is something in particular you’d like for me to talk about, I’m open to any suggestion.

Well, almost any suggestion.


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