The Regular Guys 3.0

If you are a regular listener to the radio, you will probably agree with me. If you are not a regular listener to the radio, I’m sure that there is a very good reason why. Radio shows, for the most part, suck. The music that they play is terrible. I could live with that if they would stick to playing truly crappy songs only once. But, alas, they play the same songs over and over and over and over. Can’t I just say “uncle” and have it over with?

To top it off, DJs aren’t even remotely funny. Naturally, they all believe that everything they say is comedy gold. For that, they should be punched in the face. It’s time for a great radio show to come along and kick some collective radio show ass.

Never fear. I have found “The One.”

If you have seen my new MySpace page, you have probably seen a button labeled “RG 3.0.” That stands for “The Regular Guys 3.0.” If you have lived in Atlanta for any length of time, you have probably heard The Regular Guys on the radio. If you haven’t, you have missed out.

Larry Wachs, Eric Von Haessler, and “Southside” Steve Rickman make up the dynamic team known as “The Regular Guys.” The current version of their show is called “Regular Guys 3.0” because they have already been fired from the airwaves twice before. The first and second incarnations of the show were on 96.1 FM which used to be known as 96 Rock. At the time, 96 Rock was owned and operated by Clear Channel who apparently had no problems firing their best radio personalities for no damn reason.

The first time that the guys were terminated in 2004, one of the show’s producers accidently left a microphone on during a commercial break. During the break, a very graphic interview with a pornstar was played over a Honda commercial. Yet, instead of simply firing the careless producer who was actually responsible for the incident, Clear Channel decided to fire Larry and Eric. Not cool.

The guys returned to 96 Rock in 2005, but the return was short-lived. In 2006, the guys were fired again after an incident involving Larry Wachs recording fellow radio hosts in a bathroom. DJs Yoga and Panda of Viva 105.7 filed a lawsuit against The Regular Guys which led to the 2nd firing of Larry and Eric as well as the arrest of Larry Wachs. Apparently, the over-zealous police of Fulton County believed that it was illegal to record people in a public bathroom without their knowledge. Of course, it isn’t, and the case against Wachs was dropped. Essentially, the guys were fired twice for no reason whatsoever.

These days, 96 Rock is known as Project 9-6-1. Even though the name has changed, they are still owned by Clear Channel, which means they will still suffer from the same problems in bad management. However, that is no longer The Regular Guys’ problem.

They are back and on a brand new station! It’s a good thing too. I was beginning to go through serious withdrawal.

I should mention that The Regular Guys have been back for quite some time now. Version 3 hit the airwaves in January of 2008. Amazingly, however, I still meet people who used to be fans of their show on 96 Rock and don’t know that they are back!

The Regular Guys can be heard every weekday morning from 6am-10am on 100.5 FM. Rock 100 is based in Atlanta. If you are in the area, tune in. If not, there are plenty of other ways to hear The Regular Guys. The show is streamed live over the Internet from Eric Von Haessler also has a live streaming webcam in the studio which broadcasts the entire show! That video feed can be found on his Stickam page at

If, for some reason, you can’t listen to the guys live, they also podcast their entire show sans commercials! Their daily podcast is available for download from

One way or another, you have the best Atlanta radio show at your fingertips.


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