This is just creepy

There’s a very old saying that goes “Crazy people should never be allowed to lead seminars.” Ok, so it’s not an old saying. In fact, I just made it up. But, the statement remains true.

Case in point, the following audio clip is from a training seminar that I took part in last week.

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As if her voice isn’t creepy enough, she actually tells people to hug and sooth themselves. Psycho.

(In case you’re wondering, I chose to not take part in this little “exercise.”)

Perhaps, though, you don’t find that crazy at all. Hugging and soothing yourself may seem completely rational. OK. How about this? The next audio clip is from a July teleseminar that was hosted by the same company. This clip is a longer, but it’s also much, much creepier.

Click here to listen.

This supposed “expert” in marketing recommended that a career coach should imply in her advertisements that she is psychic. Unbelievable.


AJ Parker Media

This blog post is a plug for one of the most talented videographers that I have had the pleasure of knowing. AJ Parker has been involved in videography and editing for several years now. In addition to freelance projects with groups like Kiwanis and Crown Ministries, AJ also serves as the director of videography for Lakewood Baptist Church.

Recently, AJ worked with Lakewood Baptist’s Real Life Worship Band on their first music video. The Real Life Band leads worship music for Lakewood’s Real Life service. If you have ever attended one of these services, you know that this is extremely talented group of musicians. Coupled with AJ’s amazing abilities with video, you really can’t go wrong when these groups team up for a project.

The result was their first music video called “Unto the One.”

(Click here to view the video on YouTube)

Feel free to leave your comments on YouTube. And, if you like to see some of AJ Parker’s other video projects, you can view them on his website,

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Director: AJ Parker
Lead Vocals: Eric Elliott
Backup Vocals: Erika Parker
Acoustic Guitar: Anthony Evans
Electric Guitar: Andrew Darragh
Electric Guitar: Greg Moore
Bass Guitar: Jeremy Clark
Drums: Joe Haulbrook
Keyboard: Mark Dowdy